Monday, August 16, 2010

Madden is Home!

This afternoon, baby Madden finally came home after three weeks in the NICU. The family is home and adjusting to life as a family of four. Today is also the first day that Blaine met his baby brother! I'm sure these next few weeks will be an adventure for them all!

Working weekend

This weekend I somehow managed to convince Kenneth to help me paint my store. Kenneth hated to paint. Really hates it, so I REALLY had to do some convincing! We already needed to move around the fixtures to make room for new Fall merchandise, so I figured while we were doing that was a perfect time to repaint! The old colors felt tired and dull so I wanted to brighten it up. So we had to move all the furniture after closing Saturday and cover it, bring in the paint, and set up the scaffolding for the high ceiling. Sunday we painted all day . Monday, we are closed so we were able to move the fixtures and clean, clean, clean! We still have a few things to do , but at least we will be able to open tomorrow with the store looking good. Here are a few pics of the progress.

Georgia's Birthday night!

Wednesday night we had family over to celebrate Georgia's birthday. She wanted pizza and cake and ice cream, and she got lots of great gifts. This weekend, it's Build a Bear workshop!

Big Birthday Girl!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby Madden is coming home!

Baby Madden is doing well still! He is growing strong, and is totally off the feeding tube now which is a great sign. Caroline and Jodi had to go to a CPR class today to get ready for him to come home. They also had to get a special car seat and have it approved. Tonight they also got some big news-Madden will be coming home on Monday! They are so excited to have both boys home for the first time, but it will be a big adjustment. Please continue to keep them in your prayers as they make this adjustment and he continues to grow!

Georgia's Big Day!

Wednesday, August 11th was Georgia's Birthday and first day of school! It was a big day for sure, and although I was a little worried that she would be upset that her birthday was on the first day of school but she LOVED IT! When she gets older having a birthday during the first week of school probably won't seem as cool but for now she thinks it's awesome! This weekend she wants to go to Build a Bear so tonight we'll just have our little family get together.

Georgia's ready to go!

In front of Montessori

Ready to work!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Georgia meets Madden!

After we took Grace to school Monday, Georgia and I met Caroline at the hospital to see Madden. I was planning on leaving Georgia in the waiting room while I visited with him, but he has been doing so well that they let her back. She was in baby heaven! Georgia LOVES babies and he is absolutely the tiniest, sweetest little thing. Georgia said he was adorable, and when she went to touch his foot she said "oh, his foot is crusty!" He still has a lot of bandage residue on his foot, he's not really nasty! In other news, he's doing very well and taking a bottle now. I even got to feed him. He is up to 17 inches and 4 lbs! Big improvement in two weeks. He is well on his way to coming home with his family!

Georgia and Madden

Caroline and Madden

First Day of School!

Monday was Gracie's first day of school at her new school, Cloverleaf. She was a little nervous but excited at the same time. Gracie has a lot of great friends at her old school, but she never meets a stranger and is very excited about making new friends. She is also thrilled that her tutor teaches there and her teachers we met at Open House were so nice. I can't believe she's going into fourth grade! She changes class and has four teachers this year! She's very excited about the different clubs they have there too, so that will be coming us soon I'm sure!

I love how much she loves school, and she has the best attitude towards learning.
I still hate for our summer to be over though!

And she's off!